About this week’s Clubhouse

This week as well, Once again, my friend who is a U.S. lawyer has spoken to me and 1. From 9 am on Wednesday, 23rd, 2. From noon on Friday the 25th

American Intellectual Property and Legal on Clubhouse

I will join the clubhouse

1. Since Wednesday morning is the weekly US IP News, we will talk about the US patents that are attracting attention and the IP situation in Russia, which is currently attracting attention from all over the world, centered on Mr. Noguchi, the organizer.

2. At noon on Friday, we will change the taste a little and welcome the youngest person who passed the patent attorney examination, which is called the difficult examination, as a guest, and both Japanese and the United States practitioners will discuss the examination technique that can be used for difficult examinations other than the patent attorney examination. I myself have passed the patent attorney exam for 10 years, so I may not talk much …

If you are interested, please check the latest information on Twitter of Mr. Noguchi, a US lawyer who is the organizer.

Noguchi’s Twitter

Please feel free to join us on both days.