Miwa Yoshida (registration number: 18189)

April 2012: Registered as a patent attorney; February 2014: Appended for representation in specific infringement litigation

Languages: Japanese(native), English(business), Russian(beginner)

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Graduated from College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo BSc (molecular cell biology)

-Thesis: “Analysis of MP (movement protein) of chimera TMV which lacks the ability of moving through cells”

Graduated from Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo MSc (cell biology)

-Master’s thesis, “Isolation of plastid nucleoids of Cyanophora paradoxa and analysis of their protein composition”

4 years of experience in System Engineer at a foreign-affiliated IT company

After moving into the IP industry, she worked for a domestic patent firm, a domestic law firm, the IP department of a domestic chemical manufacturer, and a TLO, with a total of 12 years of experience in general patent and trademark prosecution, mainly in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry.

April 2022- In charge of general intellectual property affairs, Rege Nephro Co., Ltd.

Activities in the industry, affiliated organizations:

Other seminars and qualifications:

2021: Pharmaceutical Medicine Course recognized by the Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine and certified by the PharmaTrain Federation as a Centre of Excellence

2019: LSE MBA Essentials

2019: Osaka University Development of problem-solving capability in health and medical fields

TOEIC 900 points, IELTS 6.5, Intellectual Property Management Skills Test Level 1 (Patents and Brands), Business Practice Legal Test Level 2, Registered Seller, Russian Language Proficiency Test Level 4