Greetings from the opening of our office

We have opened the Etoile International IP Law Firm on January 1, 2022.

Based on the experience of being involved in the general IP business at patent offices, law firms, domestic chemical manufacturer IP departments, and TLO(Technology Transfer Organizations), we will sincerely respond to consultations regarding intellectual property.

We hope you will also check out our “note” page(Japanese text only), where we post technical information on food tech, health tech, other technologies, foreign intellectual property, and the intellectual property industry.

EtoileIP note

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Etoile International IP Law Firm

Representative Patent Attorney Miwa Yoshida

I chose the name “Etoile” for my office because I am learning ballet to maintain my physical fitness and I love Paris, and I suddenly remembered the movie “Etoile”. We decided to use this name because we believe that each client’s business is essential to them and we compare it to the Etoile.

Furthermore, since “Etoile” means “star” in French, it also implies our desire that each individual client’s business has the power to shine like a star, and we will also do our utmost to achieve this goal.