At Etoile International IP Law Firm, our patent attorney, who has been involved in IP work at patent firms, law firms, IP departments of domestic chemical manufacturers, and TLOs (technology transfer organizations), will use the knowledge we have gained through our experience and our language skills to communicate with overseas representatives on an equal footing. We are ready to provide our clients with sincere and professional advice and support, whether it is for a small daily IP concern or for an important business situation.

We specialize mainly in cases related to biotechnology, pharmacy, food, and chemistry. With our long experience as an in-house patent attorney, we are also able to provide advice on IP disputes and IP strategies.

In addition, we also provide detailed services with regard to foreign applications, taking advantage of our extensive experience, mainly in Europe and the U.S., and our language skills in close communication with overseas agents.

For matters in other fields, such as software-related patents, we can refer our clients to other patent attorneys who are strong in those fields upon request.

We provide services related to trademark applications, including international trademark applications, for both individual and corporate clients.

We also provide services for consultations on intellectual property fields such as design and copyright.

We provide detailed advice on IP strategies for our clients’ businesses, based on the knowledge we have gained from our experience as in-house patent attorneys at companies and TLOs.

We also offer IP advisory services to provide ongoing advice. Please click here for more details.

We provide contract review service for IP-related contracts (license contracts, joint development contracts, non-disclosure agreements, research contracts, etc.).

Utilizing the knowledge of working in various positions such as offices, companies, and academia in the IP industry, we can provide suitable career advice, especially regarding the success of female human resources in the IP industry. (Of course, we also welcome consultations from men).