Providing Information on FoodTech

As we enter the year 2023, we hope to publish a few articles on food tech from the following perspectives this year (subject to change as appropriate, depending on technological developments and trends in the world).

  • In addition to information on FoodTech and IP, watch for government initiatives and status in other countries as appropriate (the following material was released by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

The State of Foodtech

  • From the viewpoint of food safety, we also monitor the status of laws and regulations in each country.

Especially in the area of food safety, we are concerned about the proliferation of information that may stir up anxiety on the part of consumers, and the more attention the industry is getting, the more interests and political entanglements will increase. I will try to watch and analyze the latest information and trends from a scientific and legal point of view.

We plan to publish information on foodtech in note Magazine ( note(FoodTech&IP), note(FoodTech summary (non IP)). (As an example, we have already compiled some information on some foreign food tech startups, mainly from an IP perspective.)

*The English version of the note content can be found here.

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