Spot IP Consultation Services

We are pleased to offer a spot IP consultation service that allows you to easily consult with us about IP-related matters online. For details, please see below or click “Spot IP Consultation Service” in the menu.

For example, the JPO website below provides an easy-to-understand overview of the IP system and the flow of application procedures in each jurisdiction and how to respond to them.
Systems and Procedures

However, although it is not mentioned in the above website, it would be extremely difficult for a layperson to handle all of these matters without a representative. On the other hand, there are certainly people who are able to do some of these things on their own.

In such cases, we have started the above Spot IP Consultation Service as a service that allows our clients to use our representatives on a spot basis.

In the case of in-person meetings, services are generally provided online, but can also be held in a meeting room at the Firm’s location if necessary.